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From Field to Fork: A Labour of Love

Here at The Navigation Inn, our chefs wear their hearts on their aprons. They’re not just cooking; they’re crafting. With a passion for good, honest food, they work their magic using the fresh local produce. We’re talking about produce that’s grown just a stone’s throw away. It’s simple, really. We believe in letting the ingredients shine, giving you a taste of the Peak District that’s as authentic as it gets.

“Thank you for making our day special. We had such an amazing day with you” – Jayne Kimpton

A Cozy Haven by Bugsworth Basin

Right next to the special Bugsworth Basin, The Navigation Inn is a place that’s got a real cozy feel. Enjoy watching the sun go down over the calm water and then heading into the pub for a recharge. Our pub has that warm, rustic look that just feels like home. It’s where stories of friendship and laughter seem to belong, woven into the very heart of the place. Whether it’s a quiet dinner for two or a leisurely stroll by the water, every moment here has a touch of something special.

The Navigation Inn is where simple moments turn into treasured memories!